Nagual Uchu learned and practiced shamanism in Mexico, Peru and Brazil. He was once part of Carlos Castaneda’s circle and he worked closely with Merilyn Tunneshende (the Nagual Woman from Don Juan’s circle). He spent years travelling all around the world gaining rich experience in working with energies. He combined and integrated ancient knowledge and techniques into Urban-Modern Shamanism which is applicable in 21st century in our everyday lives. In the last 2 decades Uchu has been teaching and coaching ancient shamanic techniques adapted to modern life all over the world. He is currently teaching in Europe.


Uchu’s father



Uchu’s father


Uchu and his brother

“A nagual is empty. That emptiness doesn’t reflect the world, it reflects infinity. A nagual has no boisterousness on his part, or assertions about the self. There is not a speck of a need to have either grievances or remorse. His is the emptiness of a warrior-traveler, seasoned to the point where he doesn’t take anything for granted. A warrior-traveler who doesn’t underestimate or overestimate anything. A quite, disciplined fighter whose elegance is so extreme that no one, no matter how hard they try to look, will ever find the seam where all that complexity has come together.”


The word nagual (nahual) is derived from the ‘Nahuatl language.
The word nagual also has the connotation of “knowledge”. In the Nahuatl language, a number of derivatives from the same root exist, all of them pertaining to “knowledge.” The early missionaries to the New World often spoke of the nagual, as a ‘master of mystic knowledge’.

Over the course of his apprenticeship Don Juan described the nagual to Castaneda in detail.

The Nagual is a double being to whom the “rule” has been revealed.

The nagual comes in a male and female pair – the pair becomes the nagual only when the “rule” has been given to each and it has been fully understood by both.

A Nagual is a teacher, a leader and a guide.

The Nagual is said to have extraordinary energy, sobriety, endurance and stability.

The nagual acts a conduit between the spirit and the world – channeling peace, harmony, laughter and knowledge to his/her companions.

The maneuvers of the nagual are based on artifice and subterfuge, but they cannot plan their course of action but instead follow the dictates of the spirit.

A nagual is also capable of moving their, own assemblage point and the assemblage point of others.

With the Nagual there is no assertion of self


Throughout the works of Castaneda the nagual is also considered to the world of the second attention – the unknown, the other, the dark side, the left side of awareness, the world of dreaming, this is the battlefield of the warrior, and the training ground for the third attention, the world in which they make their stand. It is both the individual and the world he occupies.