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Shamanic coaching allows you to break through your own blockades that might be preventing you from becoming exactly who you truly are.

Through several shamanic practices and exercises Uchu will assist you in releasing old patterns, which are no more helping you, and are stopping you from continuing your journey of self-realization.

Shamanic Coaching encourages a quest of healing, self-discovery and spiritual growth. The various tools, techniques and individual mentoring can easily guide a quest that will bring you back to your essence, gaining awareness of the magnificence of life.


Uchu’s Shamanic coaching includes:

  • Self-empowerment
  • Belief changes
  • Quieting the conscious mind
  • Deprogramming your ‘robotic-self’
  • Stepping out of the ‘consensus reality’
  • Gaining creativity, energy and vitality
  • Accessing your own inner wisdom and intuition
  • Removal of emotional blocks
  • Direct experience of spiritual knowledge and healing
  • Inner-balance and wellness by working with your energy body, your emotional body, and your spiritual aspect
  • Reconnecting with nature, Mother Earth and all her kingdoms
  • Lightbody activation
  • Using sexual energy for spiritual growth

 This kind of coaching is not therapy or healing. This is expansion at soul level through direct experience.


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  1. I have never been involved with Shamanism before but have been reading about it and am very interested in learning and experiencing it. What is the best way to do this? I recently moved from the US to Croatia. I am most interested in journeying. I struggle with fears and anxiety mainly. Thank you, Joe Lilly

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