Over 20 years ago Nagual Jorge taught me how to journey into non-ordinary realities, his method was quite complicated and difficult to practice nowadays. Later I found a simplified version of Jorge’s technique taught by L. Rutherford, and this is the technique I recommend for beginners:


 Trial journey to the Lowerworld

To make this journey you will need a quiet place and either a friend with a drum or a shamanic drumming CD, listen with headphones.

There is a traditional posture for journeying to the Lowerworld which comes from South America.

It is very simple, you lie on your back and cover your eyes with your left arm or the back of your hand.


* Smudge yourself with sage or light an incense stick, this will help you to enter your ‘sacred space’.

* Lie down comfortably and adopt the posture described above.

* For the first journey just visit and observe.

*Speak your objective cout loud, ‘I am journeying to the Lowerworld to visit and observe’.

* Let your breathing slow down as you consciously relax your muscles “and feel the gravity of Mother Earth holding you. Then visualize a place which you actually know from which you can easily imagine travelling down into the earth. It might be a hollow tree, a tunnel, or perhaps something as ordinary as an underground railway station.

*Let yourself ‘be there’ and as the drumming starts, enter the tunnel which will take you into the earth.

*Firstly you may meet the ‘guardian of the Lowerworld’ and if it is a good day to travel, the guardian will let you through (if not, return and try another day).

*The tunnel will slope down and will probably become steeper as you go. Let it carry you down, down, down, deeper and deeper into the earth.

*Continue down until you find yourself deep down under the earth in a cave. Look for a path which will lead you outside. Follow the path out into a natural landscape.

*Look around you and examine what is there. Nearby is your own personal power place. Go there and look around. Be aware if it is day or night, sunny or rainy, still or windy, if you are in forest, open meadow, or gentle woodland. Are you near running water, is the land fertile or desert, can you hear birdsong and are there animals around?

*While exploring the landscape, keep track of where you are, and when the cal-back comes (bells on the CD track), return to the cave or entrance to the tunnel and come back up to the ordinary world.


Once you have journeyed enough to feel happy with the method, it is a good idea to go searching for your power animal. I say animal, but you may have more than one. There is no limit to the number or to how they appear to you. Remember they are energy, which you are perceiving in the form of an animal.


Power animal retrieval journey

This journey is similar to the previous one, but here we communicate with our power animal. Remember that in the dreamworld, we communicate with dream language, rarely linear words which are an invention of the third dimension.

*Take the same journey described above but this time state your intention clearly to meet and retrieve your power animal(s).

*When you get to your personal power place, call your animal(s) to come to you and wait and see what happens. When an animal comes, to be sure it is your animal, look in the four directions, one after the other. If the animal shows up all four times, you can be pretty sure it is for you. If you are uncertain, ask the animal straight. It will give you a truthful answer or indicate by body language.

*When you have made contact with your animal, call the animal to you and, when the drum sounds the return, carry it back in your arms to this world.


Retrieving a power animal is like plugging back into a power source. At times in our life when we get dispiritedly and down,  from a shamanic point of view, lost power. These are the times when we can be subject to accidents or what appears to be ‘bad luck’; although there is no such thing as bad luck or good luck. These are indications that all is not well and we are power-less; it is time to take a journey to reconnect and restore power.



The “Spirit of the Horse”

In Shamanism we call the drum the ‘Spirit of the Horse’.
Through shamanic drumming we can easily enter an altered state of consciousness that will allow us to journey into ‘other worlds’.
We call these worlds the Upperworld, the Middleworld and the Unde or Lowerworld.
Drumming at a steady 200 to 220 beats a minute; the ‘horse’ will set your brainwaves to theta rate (4-8 Hz) facilitating deep body-relaxation and rich mental imagery.


Use this drumming track (headphones) for your journey:




Vision quest

In shamanism, just about the most profound, ancient ceremony is the vision quest.

Most of your following experience will be based on the quality of planning. You will discover a good deal on the vision quest regarding the importance of planning along with about how much you truly take care of and love yourself. Planning is surely an act connected with self-love.

Your next task is actually setting a threshold. This is the ‘magic-portal’ through it you symbolically depart your day-to-day routine, living your programmed self behind, in addition your intent enters sacred time and space. There exists only you and the organic world. Absolutely no residence, not any mobile phones, zero lunchtime, practically nothing to be able to nourish your habits, simply no other person, and no excuses to make, merely you on your own along with the eternal presence of Mother nature and all her kingdoms. Observing your journey you will notice that the inner conversation happening in your mind little by little disappear and you will start to ask yourself who you truly are and what is the reason for you being here.


Many years ago I used to practice vision quest in the jungle, but nowadays we can practice it in the city with the same results.

Here it is a brief description of how I teach urban vision quest in the workshops.


City vision quest.

-Reserve a day intended for absolutely nothing else but your quest. Have on appropriate clothing. Collect all you need (compass, notebook, food, etc).

-Set a specific intention for your quest. Request your Power Animal assistance along with guidance.

-With a little ceremony, set your front door as your threshold or magic-portal simply by hanging anything (special to you) above it in order to indicate your movement straight into sacred space and time.

-As soon as you cross it anything that comes about will be part of your quest.

-Choose a starting point in the city and proceed from there.

-First walk towards the east with the question “who am I?” ‚ in your thoughts.

-Keep in mind, that you are at this point in a magical reality and at any time it may send you hints to the answer.

-Once you sense you might be answered or at the least you could have been provided a few signs concerning the answer, take the time to sit and write in your notebook.

-Next wander to the south and ask the question “what would be the gifts and burdens from my personal past? “

-Again, when you feel you have been answered, take a rest and write down your insights.

-Now walk west and ask “why am I here in the world? “

-And finally, walk towards the north and ask, “where am I going? “

When you feel you are done, return to your home, ceremonially re-enter via your magic-portal, and remove whatever you placed on your door, after doing that it will be once more just a simple door.

 Vision quest is a very powerful and revealing ceremony, do not underestimate it!